For a general overview have a look at What's Fitznet?

Fitzlane UI overhaul

Written on August 21, 2016

So far we were working with a UI-prototype of Fitzlane. It wasn’t important how the application looked, our priority was to get all the features running we wanted in there. In the last days we made lot of progress, the only thing that prohibited us from showing FitzLane was the ugly UI. So today I sat down and did a complete overhaul. See the rest of the post for some screenshots.

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Current state of development

Written on August 20, 2016

Currently we’re working with 2 developers on creating the basics of Fitznet. Just recently we got our first prototype running: It was possible to row on my Concept2 rowing ergometer alongside with 4 computer generated rowers. All the boats were visualized on an endless 3D-river. See the the whole post for a summary of the components.

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